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How do I get a copy?

QuipIM for iOS is available now as part of the QuipIM Enterprise package for organizations. See our purchasing page for more details.

We are still in the process of getting QuipIM for iOS approved by Apple for the iPhone App Store. We have an ongoing wiki entry that we post updates on as we receive news regarding the approval process.

How does licensing work for QuipIM Enterprise?

We facilitate your organization's registration in the Apple Enterprise Developer (unless you already belong to the program). If you are already registered with the Apple Enterprise Developer Program (EDP), you may use your existing provisioning certificate, and you do not need to register again or pay this fee a second time.

QuipIM builds generated with a provisioning certificate from the EDP may be installed on any device you choose that meets the terms and conditions of your agreement with Apple (must be an employee’s device or a customer’s devices in certain circumstances as defined in the terms of your EDP agreement).

For more specific information about license management on iOS see our QuipIM Enterprise Guide.

QuipIM iOS licensing process