We are looking for additional reseller relationships! We believe that QuipIM has lasting competitiveness in the mobile marketplace based on our wide-support for legacy Sametime versions and flexible connection mechanism. Our tight release schedule and exciting upcoming developments will ensure an enduring position with Sametime users worldwide. Our relationships with other vendors and resellers are widely varied. Contact us today at or give us a call at 209.920.7847 to begin a discussion about how we can collaborate!

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We are accepting new partner advertisers. Our goal is to provide advertising relevant to IBM products and services for our user base, especially those that focus on the Notes, Domino, and Sametime experience. If you are a vendor who provides extensions or consulting services for these products, we want to help you reach a broad highly targeted audience quickly and inexpensively.

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Your ads are displayed in three different sizes, depending on the device. Below are examples of the largest and smallest sizes in which your ad will appear.

QuipIM In-App Ad 640x100 pixels
QuipIM In-App Ad 320x50 pixels

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