QuipIM Enterprise

QuipIM Pricing

QuipIM's enterprise pricing is structured as a one-time license cost with an annual maintenance fee.

  1. The QuipIM client license is purchased once for the duration of the product's lifecycle, to include any feature enhancements and bug fixes.
  2. The annual maintenance fee gains you access to one-on-one developer support and assistance with respect to the QuipIM client in the transition to new versions of Sametime. If you choose not to renew your maintenance agreement, you may still utilize the client, but will no longer be delivered updates or receive support.
  3. A QuipIM client license may be transferred between devices, even if the device owners are not the same, so long as the total number of active users remains below or at the number of seats purchased. An "active user" is defined as a user who has QuipIM installed on his/her mobile device for the purpose of communicating with your organization's Sametime server but excluding those users who may have purchased individual licenses on the Android or iOS markets.
  4. If you decide to increase your total number of licenses after making an initial purchase, your entire initial purchase price will be credited towards your subsequent purchase.
  5. QuipIM licenses are transferrable across platforms. We do not require you to declare in advance how many Android and iOS devices you intend to license, just the total number of devices. You are allowed to freely change the proportion of purchased licenses that you allocate to each platform.

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For more specific information about pricing, license management, and how to get started see our QuipIM Enterprise Guide.


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